BeachTech is a leading provider of professional beach cleaners. Customers can select from nine models with different working widths and various cleaning technologies. The portfolio includes self-propelled vehicles, trailing machines hitched to a tractor and small beach cleaners to walk behind.
The BeachTech beach cleaners, with their innovative technology, collect the trash that washes up - be it algae, broken glass or plastic pieces. The patented cleaning technology succeeds in extracting even the small plastic fragments, often hidden in the subsoil, from the sediment mixture without harming the creatures in it.

  • Professional beach cleaners -
    High area coverage, best cleaning results.
  • The right product for your intended use -
    Can select between self-propelled, trailing and walk-behind beach cleaners.
  • Worldwide sales and service network-
    Guaranteed fast service and high spare part availability.

Pamtec has been in association with BeachTech since the year 2006. We have supplied beach cleaning machines to various beaches in West, East and South India which have been operating successfully.



Bucher Municipal is an International Manufacturer of cleaning and clearing solutions and are one of the global leaders of manufacturing Mechanised Road Sweeping Machines – both Truck Mounted and Self-propelled machines. Bucher have set new industry standards: Like engineering electrified vehicles that produce low emissions, or by making sure they deliver the service you need.
Leading to cleaner, greener and safer environments for everyone, keeping communities healthy and safe.
Pamtec has been representing Bucher Municipal in India since 2006 and has supplied Road Sweeping Machines to various municipalities, engineering companies and private organizations. Bucher’s machines are known for their high durability, top performance and have proven to operate successfully on Indian road and weather conditions. We have been supplying Truck Mounted and Self-Propelled road sweepers in India and have also launched electric self-propelled sweepers



TRILO is a top global brand of parent company Vanmac B.V. TRILO machines are designed and built in a factory in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and partly in Asia. Their range consists of mowers, vacuum sweepers, leaf blowers and verticutting units. The machines are used among other things, for maintaining road, sports facilities, turfs, stadiums and green areas.
TRILO machines offer not only solutions resulting from more than 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of machines, but they are also the result of constant innovation.
Innovating, creating and marketing advanced harvesting, landscaping and cleaning technologies for now and future generations.
Pamtec has been associated with TRILO since 2019. TRILO’s innovation combined with its robust technology is perfect for managing garden areas and also cleaning of municipal solid waste.



Heil is the industry leader in garbage truck body design and specialized refuse body manufacturing. Since 1901, they have built a reputation for quality, durability, and innovation in the solid waste industry.
For more than 100 years, Heil has been the waste industry leader in excellence, innovation, and custom satisfaction. When you demand the very best refuse equipment for your fleet, Heil brings it to you.
Pamtec and HEIL have been partners since 2010. We have supplied refuse compactors for waste-collection to many municipalities across India, which include North, South, East and West India. HEIL’s refuse compactors are proven in India to be one of the most efficient machines in its class.



OTTO Waste Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd." are a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Plastic Bins, Commercial Dustbins, Smart Bins, Recycling Bins, Stainless Steel Bins, and waste containers since their establishment in the year 2003.
OTTO combines innovation and technology to improve its core product offerings that increase efficiency and reduce carbon footprint for a sustainable city.
To cater to the demands of the dynamic environment industry, they manufacture and supply high quality waste container storage systems, which includes modern waste management equipment to cater to the demands of the environment industry. Otto is well-equipped with in-depth knowledge and expertise of container management, waste solutions and waste management technology.
Otto takes pride in delivering exceptional products to their clients by imposing stringent controls, processes and products which are subjected to scrutiny for the highest quality assurance.
OTTO’s MGB range is RAL- certified and is guaranteed the highest quality standard in the world.



TSM is a company of professional cleaning machines. Their agile and flexible organization allows an understanding of the latest market trends and the requests of their customers faster than the others.
The TSM range of products covers a wide range of outdoor and indoor cleaning equipment such as a Compact Road Sweepers, Waste Vacuum Cleaners, Street barrows, Sanitization machines, Scrubber Dryers to name a few – catering to all your cleaning needs.
They combine traditional cleaning solutions with the latest technology, to provide innovative cleaning solutions that are made available to everyone.
TSM aims to build solutions that have refined design and are technologically advanced, to offer the world of professional cleaning with a satisfying aesthetic, combined with ease of use.
Pamtec and TSM have been in association since 2022, and are TSM’s primary sales and service representatives in India



IADYS is a French organisation located in Marseille, France. IADYS is committed to cleaning and preserving the environment and have been doing so by developing innovative products through artificial intelligence and robotics.
Their marquee product – the JellyfishBot, has been making waves in the European, American as well as the Asian market, as it has become an ideal solution for cleaning up the water bodies such as lakes, ports, ponds, and other tourist frequented areas, as well as industrial and petrochemical sites.
What sets the Jellyfishbot apart from the rest is that it is a portable device and has the ability to adapt to any calm water body and clean out different types of waste thanks to its various attachments, suited to different cleaning requirements.