Robotic Cleaning


Robot to clean lakes, ponds, ports, docks, petrochemical sites, and industrial tanks
The Jellyfishbot by IADYS is a compact robot that can collect waste and oil on the surface of water bodies. The robot comes with various attachments that are suited to different cleaning requirements. This compact solution is like no other on the market, it is a portable equipment and needs just one person to operate, is completely safe and has low maintenance cost. It comes in three variants – Starter pack, Open Pack and the Smart Pack,

  • It can collect waste of different sizes up to 80L – 140 depending on the nets and other attachments
  • It soaks up to 40L of oil using the oil-spill absorbing attachments
  • It can operate for 6-8 hours on a 2-hour charge
  • Can cover 1000 m3/h at an average speed of 1 knot
  • Dimensions: 2.3 ft x 2.3ft x 1.7 ft. Weighs 20kgs
  • Has a range of up to 1km
  • Has a remote control with a screen to monitor the robot
  • Top variant comes with a smart technology that can detect stationary objects and avoid contact with them
  • Comes with a web platform for monitoring the data

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Our robotic cleaners are designed to make cleaning tasks easier and more efficient, with advanced features such as autonomous navigation, intelligent sensors, and high-performance cleaning capabilities. We offer a range of robotic cleaning solutions to cater to the unique needs of different customers, including lake cleaning robots, lake cleaning machines, and oil spill cleaning robots.

Our lake cleaning robot and lake cleaning machine are ideal for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of lakes and other bodies of water. They are equipped with advanced technologies such as real-time monitoring, automatic obstacle detection, and precise positioning, which allows them to navigate through waterways and remove debris and pollutants efficiently.

Our oil spill cleaning robot is equally impressive, designed to provide fast and effective cleaning solutions for oil spills in industrial environments. It is equipped with advanced suction and filtering systems that can quickly and efficiently remove oil and other contaminants from water surfaces.

At our company, we prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why we offer competitive prices and excellent after-sales services. We have a team of highly trained and experienced technicians who provide maintenance, repair, and installation services for all our robotic cleaning solutions.

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